You can take a step toward embracing your own God-given courage and help incarcerated women through our prison ministry!

When you donate through this form, you will receive one (1) Courage For Life book by Ann White. In addition, for each donation received, we will provide one (1) Courage For My Life resource to an incarcerated woman through our prison ministry.

In Courage For Life, author Ann White shares with authenticity and raw emotion the story of how she walked away from a life steeped in dysfunction to a life restored in God’s grace. With honesty, kindness, and vulnerability, she provides step-by-step direction and proven guidance through seven intentional, doable steps that will ultimately alter your life, no matter what difficult situation you’re experiencing.

In Courage For My Life, we offer incarcerated women a biblically based mental health resource, that helps them heal from past trauma and abuse, recognize triggers and negative patterns of thought and behavior and claim a freedom and a life of courage through Jesus Christ! Our goal is to transform them through the Gospel before they return to their families, and to reduce recidivism rates of re-incareration.

Learn to:

  • Celebrate freedom from your fears.
  • Experience the power and joy of intentional, healthy choices.
  • Replace the guise of perfectionism with authenticity.
  • Say yes or no with firmness and love.
  • Rebuild a healthy marriage and/or establish strong relationships with family & friends.
  • Stop hiding behind walls of shame and insecurity.
  • Step courageously into the life God created for you.

Fair Market Value of Courage For Life: $15.00
Fair Market Value of Courage For My Life: $25.00

Courage For Life is a registered 501(c)(3) charity EIN# 46-1567753. We strengthen, equip and empower others to embrace their God-given courage for life through biblical and mental health resources designed to help them live courageously, serve others and experience the life God intended for them.