Did you know that more than 43 million individuals speak Spanish as a first language in the United States? That’s about 13 percent of the population.

Right now, Spanish-speaking individuals are searching for courage in the midst of chaos. A female inmate desperately longs to hear her heart language in a meaningful way. A male inmate desires to participate in a Bible study but is limited in his English proficiency and fervently prays for something in his own language. A bilingual leader painstakingly searches for biblical-based emotional health resources so he can disciple individuals in his community.

Courage For Life has received communication from several prisons and non-profits that desperately need emotional health, spiritual growth, and Bible study resources in Spanish.

MegaVoice Staff Member: “Do you know if Courage For Life will be doing a Spanish version? We are already getting requests for that….”

Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina Volunteer: “My question is if you have Bible Studies or videos in Spanish.”

Fuller Theological Seminary Professor: “I love hearing the Bible read aloud. It is a robust way to take in the Scriptures. As a bilingual leader, I checked out all the English and Spanish audio Bibles… and all are male voices.”

We believe God is guiding Courage For Life to fill this void by translating our resources into Spanish. Thanks to two generous grants from family foundations, we’ve already begun this incredible endeavor.

But we urgently need your help to reach the finish line.
Courage For Life Spanish Audio Bible

Courage For Life’s history-making audio Bible in English features the first complete audio Bible (New Living Translation) voiced entirely by women. We initially created this audio Bible to bring comfort through God’s Word to incarcerated women who may find male voices triggering due to past trauma. However, we discovered many others utilized our audio Bible, including male inmates whose primary spiritual influence in their life was a female (mother, aunt, grandmother, and so on). Since offering the Courage For Life audio Bible in English at no cost to state departments of corrections, it has been uploaded over 32,000 times to inmate state-issued tablets in three states (Georgia, Missouri, and Florida).

While we still seek to provide our English audio Bible to many other state departments of corrections, we are deeply aware of the dire need for a Spanish audio Bible. Thanks to a generous grant from a family foundation, we’ve already begun the labor of recording the Spanish audio Bible in the NTV (Nueva Traducción Viviente) translation with our team based in Guatemala. The Courage For Life Spanish audio Bible will feature a wide range of female voices and accents to make it pleasing to all Spanish-speaking audiences.

We are only $25,000 away from making the Courage For Life Spanish audio Bible a fully-funded reality.
Will you meet this crucial need?
Courage For Life Audio Bible App Update

Courage For Life also provides our audio Bible at no cost through the Courage For Life app available on Apple and Android platforms. Search “Courage For Life Audio Bible” in your app store or click the appropriate link below to download this free resource.

Since the Courage For Life app launched in 2019, we have received over 10,000 downloads. We desire to house the Spanish audio Bible in our current app as an option for those who want to enjoy it. We’ve already begun the initial work of making this second language available on our app, but we still need your help to complete it.

We only have $13,000 left to fully fund the addition of the Spanish audio Bible to our app.
Will you support this meaningful project?
Spanish Courage For My Life Discipleship Resource

Because of generous donors like you, Courage For Life is able to provide our Courage For My Life discipleship resource at no cost to prisons and at a low cost to non-profits who support those who have experienced trauma, abuse, addiction, and dysfunction in their past or present lives. Based on the inspirational and life-changing book, Courage For Life by Ann White and drawing on timeless life lessons from God’s Word, Courage For My Life leads groups and individuals on a transformational journey to embrace their God-given courage for life. Since we’ve begun offering this resource to prisons and non-profits, over 350 participants have attended these discipleship classes. Although Courage For My Life was initially created specifically for women, we finalized the men’s version this year and have begun resourcing men’s prisons and non-profits. We now have the incredible opportunity to provide both the women’s and men’s versions of Courage For My Life in Spanish.

Thanks to a generous grant from a family foundation, we’ve already translated both versions of Courage For My Life into Spanish. We were also able to print the women’s version for distribution to prisons and non-profits.

However, we still need $4,000 to fund the printing of the Spanish Courage For My Life (Men’s Version).
Will you complete this impactful work?

Your generous gift to Courage For Life in March will go directly to giving God’s Word to Spanish-speaking individuals through the design, development, and distribution of our resources in Spanish. You can impact the Spanish-speaking community by supporting this God-sized vision and funding these three outstanding projects.

Anything raised above our initial goal of $42,000 will go toward other projects such as the filming or subtitling of the Courage For My Life video series, adding Spanish subtitles to over 830 minutes of biblical teaching videos, distribution of the Courage For My Life resources to prisons at no cost, and other resource design, development, and distribution projects.

We cannot wait to see what God will do through your generous gifts to provide these resources to the Spanish-speaking community. Thank you for your support of the ministry of Courage For Life!