Everyone needs

courage for life!

Courage For Life

We believe that every person has the ability and desire to thrive. Too many people go through life pretending they have it all together. Ann White can relate to those people. By sharing her own journey of courage and redemption, Ann encourages and equips individuals to have the courage not to settle—to experience courage for life.

My calling is simple. Point people to the hope and freedom that can only be found in Jesus as revealed in His Word. That Word—the Bible—is foundational! You have to be in it to be equipped, and you have to be in it to understand the change that is required in your life.

It’s complete belief that God is who He says He is, and that His character is as it has been revealed. Appropriating those truths for yourself is the beginning of finding your courage for life. – Ann White

Resources For Life

Encouraging and equipping people to unleash their God-given courage and embrace their God-given dreams is what drives Ann and the Courage for Life team. Ann’s heart aches for those who have not heard God’s Word and for those who do not understand how to study and apply it to their life.