Do you get defensive when others attempt to share the truth with you? Or, do you find it hard to tell the truth, when you know it will be difficult for someone else to hear?

We all experience times in our lives when we struggle to accept the truth and we’ve all been tempted to fall into the trap of dishonesty and justify a lie. What we sometimes don’t realize is, sugar coating the truth actually helps NO-ONE, – especially the person we are sprinkling it on.

The truth is, when we encounter a conflict or issue with another person, we are called by God to courageously speak truth to and receive truth from the other person –– and we are commanded to do it in LOVE (Ephesians 4:15).

Sometimes, we are completely unaware of our own issues. Unless someone is honest with us and speaks truth into our lives, we are doomed to repeat the same patterns and continue the same old behaviors. And – same is true for other people.

Jesus said “The truth found in God’s Word will set us free.” This is true for our everyday life. Even though the truth can sometimes be hard to give and receive, it can usher in emotional, relational and spiritual freedom, when we courageously choose to embrace it.


1. Pray and Prepare to share the truth in a loving way

2. Begin the conversation by communicating care for the other person

3. Always speak Truth in Love and remain humble and open minded when receiving truth from others – even when       they don’t deliver their thoughts, opinions and what could be truth –– in a loving way.

4. End the conversation by communicating care for the other person

5. Pray and ask God to help you and the other person receive, understand and accept the truth.

6. Allow the truth shared or received to change you in a positive way.

So, the next time you need to share the truth –– courageously pray, care and speaking truth in a loving way. And –– if you’re on the receiving end of the truth –– courageously listen with a willingness to receive it and prayerfully consider allowing truth from the conversation to motivate you toward Godly changes in your life.