Right now, Spanish-speaking individuals are searching for courage in the midst of chaos. A female inmate desperately longs to hear her heart language in a meaningful way. A male inmate desires to participate in a Bible study but is limited in his English proficiency and fervently prays for something in his own language. A bilingual leader painstakingly searches for biblical-based emotional health resources so he can disciple individuals in his community.

Your generous gift to Courage For Life in March will go directly to giving God’s Word to Spanish-speaking individuals through the design, development, and distribution of our resources in Spanish. You can impact the Spanish-speaking community by supporting this God-sized vision and funding these three outstanding projects.

Spanish Resource Needs

Every dollar helps! Anything raised above our initial goal of $42,000 will go toward other projects such as the filming or subtitling of the Courage For My Life video series, adding Spanish subtitles to over 830 minutes of biblical teaching videos, distribution of the Courage For My Life resources to prisons at no cost, and other resource design, development, and distribution projects.

We cannot wait to see what God will do through your generous gifts to provide these resources to the Spanish-speaking community.

Thank you for your support of the ministry of Courage For Life!