Throughout life, we all experience two kinds of Roadblocks.

External Roadblocks are physical barriers, circumstances, or people that hinder us from pursuing God’s plans for our lives. Internal Roadblocks are reoccurring, destructive attitudes or feelings, like unforgiveness, anger, guilt, shame, insecurity, hopelessness, and fear, that keep us discouraged, distracted, and in denial. Roadblocks hinder our relationships, they interfere with our ability to succeed, and they ultimately keep us from reaching our God-given potential.

I’ve learned that’s it’s imperative we apply four basic principles when dealing with roadblocks. Otherwise, we allow these obstacles to control our lives and determine our future. Through the years, these simple steps have allowed me to embrace healthier relationships and more freely pursue God’s call on my life:

Step 1: Admit our Roadblocks

Step 2: Examine our Roadblocks

Step 3: Dismantle our Roadblocks

Step 4: Move Forward in Freedom

Each step is critically important if we are going to embrace the freedom that the Apostle Paul speaks of in Galatians 5:1. Paul says, “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.”

Christ surrendered His life for our freedom. Once we embrace this freedom through salvation, He calls us to “stand firm,” let go of the shame, self-condemnation, fear, and lies, and no longer subject ourselves “to a yoke of slavery.”

Are you Ready to Begin the Journey to overcoming our Roadblocks?

Begin by asking God to show you areas of your life where roadblocks exist, then take the first step and openly admit your struggle. Next, go to a quiet place, spend time alone with God in prayer, and ask Him to help you examine your struggles. Write down the reality of your situation, strive to be humbly objective in your summary, and write down the name of at least one godly friend or loved one who you will share your difficulties with that will give you honest feedback.

Share your roadblock with your godly confidant, ask them to help you determine the necessary steps to dismantle your obstacle, and request that they help hold you accountable through the process. The more effort and accountability you exercise, the sooner you will begin to walk in true freedom from the roadblocks that keep you from fully embracing the life God truly desires for you to live!

Are you ready to tear down your roadblocks?