Point inmates to the hope and freedom that can only be found in Jesus as revealed in His Word.


To see every woman find the courage she needs to change her life.

Nearly 231,000 women and girls are incarcerated in the United States (nearly a 12% increase over the last 12 months). For many women, painful experiences led to poor choices that resulted in painful consequences. Courage For Life passionately pursues breaking down these soul wrenching walls with the most powerful tool — the Word of God. Our ever-growing ministry throughout the United States helps incarcerated women believe that, with Jesus Christ, they can have courage again.

Courage For Life exists to help women know where to start on this journey.

Ministry Opportunities:

Women’s Prison Ministry

A locked-down life presents a temptation to believe that hope and courage are out of reach. Courage For Life has been granted access into these lives to bring a message of hope. Every month, in multiple states, small groups of 20 women gather together weekly to study our Courage For My Life​ curriculum where each woman learns how to confront her past and is given Biblical steps to move forward with courage found only through Jesus Christ.

Group Study Facilitation Training

A step-by-step training through our resource, ​Courage For My Life​, is designed to equip volunteers to empower at-risk women to embrace their God-given courage to pursue their God-given dreams. The training also includes specific instructions to guide facilitators through ministering to women who have been neglected, abused, or incarcerated.

  • During this training, you will learn how to facilitate a Courage For My Life discipleship class within your context, including:
  • Explanation questionnaires and ministry agreement
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of the 8-lesson resource and supplemental material
  • Simulation of practical exercises that trainee will facilitate in class
  • Individual conversations and follow-up with the trainer

Female Voiced Audio Bible

Courage For Life has recently produced the first female-voiced audio Bible, available on a free app for iOS and Android. First launched as an effort to reach as many at-risk women as possible, this project fills a large void in the women’s recovery space. Research has proven that women connect better with women, especially if there is trauma or abuse in her past. The spoken Word of God in a female voice provides many people in-crisis with comfort, encouragement, inspiration and hope. By offering a convenient option to listen to the Bible, women around the world are able to ​hear​ the word of God without ever having to turn a page. Recently, every inmate in Georgia & Missouri was given access to the Courage For Life NLT Audio Bible!

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