Why a Courage for Life Woman’s Audio Bible?

With your help, we’re launching the Women’s Audio Bible Project. This first-of-its-kind Bible read by a diverse group of women will have the potential to reach million of women who are seeking help and hope.

At risk groups of women are on the rise. Women in jail are the fastest growing correctional population in the country. Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness among women and children, and women of all ages and backgrounds are seeking hope and help from various agencies and shelters throughout our nation.

We want to reach as many women in crisis as possible with the comfort, encouragement, inspiration and hope that they can find in God’s Word—without ever turning a page.

The Courage for Life Women’s Audio Bible Will Be:

  • Offered free of charge to women at-risk and in crisis
  • Easy to understand–read from a modern, plain language translation
  • Filled with encouraging and uplifting life stories from our diverse roster of contributing readers
Why read by women?

Extensive research and clinical experience have proven, “the best way to help at-risk women and girls heal from substance abuse, trauma, and mental health issues, is to use gender-specific programs.”1

“Because females tend to be the more nurturing gender by nature, their voices are often perceived as a helper, more compassionate, understanding, and non-threatening.”2

Why an audio Bible?

“More than half of Americans have read little or none of the Bible” and 33% have never picked it up all. Nearly 30% of Americans cite that they don’t have time to read the Bible, don’t read books generally, or don’t have a Bible. The Courage for Life Women’s Audio Bible addresses those challenges.