Are you feeling overwhelmed by life–barely keeping your head above water? Don’t despair! You’re just one choice away from correcting the trajectory of your life. Your journey toward freedom begins the moment you choose to stand up and face your life with courage.

Today, we are giving you a free sample download of the introduction and chapter one of Courage For Life  by Ann White.

Ann shares with authenticity and raw emotion the story of how she walked away from a life steeped in dysfunction to a life restored in God’s grace. With honesty, kindness, and vulnerability, she provides step-by-step direction and proven guidance through seven intentional, doable steps that will ultimately alter your life, no matter what difficult situation you’re experiencing.

With courage, you’ll learn to:

  • Celebrate freedom from your fears.
  • Experience the power and joy of intentional, healthy choices.
  • Replace the guise of perfectionism with authenticity.
  • Say yes or no with firmness and love.
  • Rebuild a healthy marriage and establish strong relationships with family and friends.
  • Stop hiding behind walls of shame and insecurity.
  • Step courageously into the life God created for you.

“Everyone needs a daily dose of God-given courage for life! God is waiting, arms open wide, saying ‘I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done, just come to me.’” Ann White

Are you ready to embrace your God-given courage for life?