Author of 7 Steps to Courage, Ann White is known for her passionate, authentic and insightful message of God’s courage, hope and healing. Out of a calling to share with others how God’s grace brought restoring truth to her life, in 2004, she began speaking, teaching and leading in-depth Bible studies. Ann regularly leads workshops and conferences, both nationally and internationally, to equip her audience in the power of God’s Word, the benefits of spiritual and emotional growth and the necessity of bringing struggles out of the darkness and into God’s healing light. Ann looks forward to sharing with wisdom and transparency a message of restoration, hope and healing at your next event.


“Sometimes all it takes is one small step to change your life forever. Ann’s practical, Word-inspired 7 Steps to Courage can help you discover a life you never dreamed possible. Get our your highlighter! You’ll refer to this book often.”


Kimberley Kennedy, TV Journalist
Author of Left at the Altar

“Honest. Transparent. Vunerable. Courageous. Encouraging. Insightful. These are some of the words that came to my mind as I read my friend Ann White’s 7 Steps to Courage. This book is going to bless and help a lot of people.”


Daniel L. Akin, President
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Ann White’s story is an inspiration to those who choose to do the hard things in marriage rather than take the easy way out. The demonstration of one wife’s courageous determination to trust God’s truth, bathed in his grace, prove trust and obedience can overcome the deceiver who delights in crushing Christian marriages.”


Governor Sonny and Mary Perdue
The State of Georgia

“Few are as qualified to write on the subject of courage as Ann White because she has personally lived the principles she teaches. Allow Ann to help you be courageous rather than dismayed. On a personal note, I watched these truths lived out in her marriage.”


Dr. Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

“I applaud Ann White and her family for courageously sharing what could have remained a quiet suffering followed by the hard work of change and the joy of healing. Ann’s story is personal, painful, healing, and full of hope for anyone who suffers in silence. 7 Steps to Courage is a powerful resource for pastors and counselors who are in the trenches with individuals and couples who are fighting for their marriage, and it is a personal lifeline to individual readers suffering in silence.”


Stacy Robinson, Founder,,

“I just finished 7 Steps to Courage, and I have to tell you that God convicted and challenged me on several levels. I encourage and challenge everyone who is going through difficulties in their lives or relationships to read this book, and they will find truth straight from God’s Word presented in a way that will inspire, convict, and move you from fear to courage, then to freedom and joy.”


Bill Goodwin, Recording Artist

“In a world staving for authenticity, Ann White had the courage to be transparent with her story so that you too could walk in genuine courage. Her book, 7 Steps to Courage will guide you to live in truth with strength and dignity.”


Kathrine Lee, Life & Business Strategist
Founder of Pure Hope Foundation

“As I read Ann’s book, 7 Steps to Courage, I was truly encouraged. I can honestly say this is a must-have book for your home or office library. And I can promise it is a must-read for everyone whether you’re struggling or not. God bless you, Ann, for sharing your struggles and your book.”


Daryle Singletary
Country Music Artist


“Taking this class showed me a lot of things that I had covered up. I was not forgiving people as I should, I was wearing so many masks. I LOVE this book and I’m glad I came to class!”


“The most powerful Bible study I have ever taken.”


“I was at the Women’s Ministry event last night. It was not what I was expecting. Thank you for your transparency and vulnerability. I just wanted you to know that God used you last night in reaching not only the ladies but others!”


“You have a very important message to share with many women and men. Your obedience to share with brutal transparency is going to affect marriages today and affect future generations.”


“Had I had this book in my late 20’s to 40’s, I might have been spared some of the most frightening and hurtful years of my life…despite knowing Jesus personally. You are pursuing Jesus in real and important ways to help people where there are gaps of information and misunderstanding. It is excellent!”


“This book is a life manual. I found myself at 55 in my marriage without boundaries. I came to the place where the pain was worse than the change. I love this book and I think God truly blessed you with amazing courage to share it with us.”


“This book is a life-changer! Sitting here in Eaton, CO…. and I am emotionally & spiritually moved with each page! Than you Ann for stepping up and writing this book. What a gift!”


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