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Ann White is an internationally known author, speaker, passionate Bible teacher, part-time missionary, and Christian talk show host. She founded her global ministry, Courage For Life, out of a calling to share with others how God and His Word brought restoration to her life and marriage. In her book, Courage For Life, she shares with transparency a message of restoration, hope, healing and how to walk in God-given courage in the face of fear.

Ann believes “courage is something we all need, yet our need for courage is generally as unique as we all are. Whatever area of life a person needs courage in, they can find it in their relationship with Christ.”

There are seven practical steps that Ann took that ultimately helped her heal the broken places of her soul and fully embrace her close, personal walk with the Lord, and she loves sharing her inspirational journey to help others embrace theirs too.

Ann’s message is not only practical, but she gives clear Scripture-based direction that not only inspires change but practical advice on how to make those changes.

Ann has published inspirational books, leadership curriculum, and Bible studies, both online and classroom studies. Her book, Courage For Life has a companion Study Guide to help people take a deeper dive into God’s Word and learn hands-on. Ann’s 90-Day devotional, She is Strong and Courageous leads readers on a transformational biblical journey encountering courageous women of the Bible, throughout history, and in our world today. She is currently working on the Courage For Life Bible and the first of its kind Courage For Life Women’s Audio Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, recorded by women.

Ann also travels annually to South Asia where she leads women’s conferences in multiple cities throughout India. She trains and teaches hundreds of women the Word of God and brings them a message of hope and courage.

Her speaking topics include:

  • Daughters of the King
  • Finding Courage in the Women of the Bible
  • Embracing Your God-given Courage and Calling
  • Women of Courage in the New Testament
  • Women of Courage in the Old Testament
  • Embracing Grace
  • Bringing God’s Word to Life
  • Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness


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