Everyone needs courage for life. A great way to inspire courage is to read about other people who have displayed courage in their life circumstances and hear about the process. Your courage story can inspire others to unleash their God-given courage and embrace their God-given dreams. We at Courage For Life would be so privileged to share your courage stories with others to highlight what is possible when we surrender to God, apply His truth to our lives and trust Him for the outcome.

By sending us your courage story you are giving Courage For Life permission to use it to inspire others to have courage in their lives.

Your Courage Story should have three parts,

1) What life was like before you decided to be courageous in what you were facing.
2) What lead you to make a courageous change (e.g. Bible study, friends encouragement, hearing a specific message)
3 ) What your life looks like now that you have taken this courageous step.

Please share your story with us.