Ann White

Founder, Executive Director

Ann is an internationally known author, speaker, and passionate Bible teacher. She founded her global ministry, Courage For Life, out of a calling to share with others how God and His Word brought restoration to her life and marriage.

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Kathy Urbanick

Ministry Director

Kathy is passionate about equipping and ministering to at-risk women through our Local Missions Ministry at crisis pregnancy centers, local jails, and battered women’s shelters. She also heads our donor development initiative, where she helps create multiple ways for donors to join and engage with our Courage For Life team. Kathy enjoys spending time with her husband Greg. She is the grateful mother of 2 sons and daughter-in-law. She enjoys hiking, traveling and sharing a good laugh with her family and friends.

Brad Davies

Head of Marketing

Brad is the founder and Fundraiser in Chief of Hatch Fundraising, which specializes in helping organizations find new donors and turn them into passionate supporters. He was the project director of the Online Fundraising Scorecard which looked at the fundraising practices of over 400 national nonprofits and developed the Digital Fundraising Academy to equip fundraisers in the digital age. He loves the smell of brewing coffee, is constantly thinking of ways to entertaining his children and loves planning trips with his wife Katy.

Keith Baldwin

Head of Digital Strategy

Keith is the founder and CEO of AspireOne, a brand strategy firm that is a catalyst for helping organizations grow. He is the creative visionary behind many leading online experiences including Courage For Life’s Audio Bible and website, and has developed significant expertise over a 30-year career in user experience, media, and design.

He has spent his career leading teams focused on the brand development and strategic architecture of websites for a wide range of both corporate, nonprofit, and ministry organizations including The Salvation Army, the Willow Creek Association, Moody’s Today in the Word, and many multi-site mega churches reaching 22,000 in weekend attendance. His creative solutions are consistently looked to as the industry’s standard for excellence in media, with clients frequently appearing on award lists for best in web design.

He’s been riding a Harley for decades, is a talented home chef, and loves to travel to new places with his wife, Dawn.

Bill Carroll

Chief Financial Officer

Bill is the former Chief Financial Officer of AIMC, LLC. Bill also worked in public accounting at Ernst & Young LLP before going to work for a client, MedAssets. He graduated from Georgia State University with a BBA in Accounting, summa cum laude.  He has over 15 years of corporate financial accounting and auditing experience. Bill loves music and is a practicing musician. He studied music at Atlanta Institute of Music and Berklee College of Music in Boston between his other studies. He currently plays guitar with several local bands. He is an avid tennis player and currently resides in Rome, Georgia with his wife and son.

Phil Cooke

Founder, CEO, Cooke Pictures

An internationally known filmmaker, writer, and media consultant, Phil Cooke has produced media programming in more than 60 countries around the world. He’s created and produced many of the most influential and successful Christian and inspirational TV programs in history, and his book “Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media” is changing the way church and ministry leaders engage today’s culture with the gospel. Phil’s book “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get it Back” challenges Christians to confront the real reasons our faith is losing influence in the culture. He’s been called “one of the most innovative communicators of our generation,” and in addition to writing his popular blog at, he also blogs for The Huffington Post, and has been a contributor to Fast Company,,, and

Dawn Nicole Baldwin

Brand Strategist

For nearly 25 years, Dawn has focused on helping organizations tell their stories more effectively. She led the brand development for Courage For Life as well as marketing strategies for other ministries across the country, including the Willow Creek Association, The Salvation Army, and Wheaton College. She’s guest-lectured at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business as well as conferences nationwide, and in 1995 co-founded AspireOne, a strategy and communications firm that is a catalyst for helping organizations grow. She’s always on the go as a coach, consultant, occasional blogger, and sought-after speaker.

Fun facts: She launched new properties on the advertising team for Big Idea Productions, (creators of VeggieTales) loves roller coasters, and is a frequent dog-petter.

Valerie Williams

Graphic Designer

Valerie has been in the graphic design business for over 35 years. She is the Art Director at APOGEE Interactive, Inc. Valerie specializes in advertising print media, branding, logo design, and digital design. She also worked at Brandon Advertising, in South Carolina doing photo and ad work for Golf Magazine, and for a large print company in Atlanta in production layout. Valerie studied Art History and education at a community college in Georgia. She is married and has a small horse farm in Covington, Georgia. She is a volunteer at, which is an Open Door Children’s Home. She sponsors 2 children for the past 9 years through World Vision.

Emily Altmyer

Digital Media Specialist

Emily is a Digital Media Specialist at Marketing Support Network located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her experience in marketing, communication studies, and graphic design led her to pursue the realm of digital media. She has a strong passion for connecting with people through online and artistic outlets. Emily enjoys producing and brainstorming new content ideas for clients and her modern style and creative mindset help to promote and grow brands.