What if your home during the pandemic was a 10×7 prison cell?

COVID-19 has been hard on all of us. Many of us have struggled with the “new normal,” lockdowns, closed businesses, and schools. Maybe your home even started to feel like a prison. Imagine for just a moment feeling everything you are feeling in this season, but your home IS a prison cell.

Being stuck inside a tiny jail cell for 21 hours a day.

Feeling like you have no privacy or space.

Recreation and gatherings – all cancelled.

All visitation suspended and even phone calls with loved ones.

Support meetings cancelled. Church services cancelled. Ministry and volunteer activities suspended.

Desperation. Depression. Isolation. Loneliness. Fear.

Even without a pandemic, these things are a reality for women like Shelby and 219,000+ other women incarcerated in the United States. While we have a future hope of moving past the pandemic one day, a future and a hope may seem like a fading memory to incarcerated and at-risk women. The sad reality is that 80% of incarcerated women have at least one psychological disorder, most stemming from untreated abuse or trauma.

Courage For Life aims to bring hope in places of hopelessness and courage to those who need encouragement the most. But we cannot reach them without YOU!

Would you give today to reach these women who need a message of hope and courage now more than ever?