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Are you looking to journey with others to study the Bible and grow spiritually? We’ve created an interactive and uplifting community online!

Join us for weekly live teaching filled with enriching insights, inspirational clips from our all-female-voiced audio Bible, and discipleship content to equip and empower you to embrace your God-given courage for life and daily live the life God intended for you.

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Join us LIVE on Instagram every Monday at 3 p.m. ET for our Spiritual Growth Series with Dr. Angie Bauman and Ashley Cunningham. Can’t join us live? No worries! A replay will be available on our feed that evening.

Dr. Angie Bauman has an MDiv, ThM, and PhD in Christian Education and is a board certified mental health coach. She is passionate about discipleship and serves others by mentoring, teaching, resourcing, and praying for others to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Ashley Cunningham has a MDiv in Christian Apologetics. She is a passionate Bible teacher who loves helping others navigate their doubts and discover confidence in Christ.

The Spiritual Growth Series focuses on growing our relationships with God. Each week, we will discuss how we can grow spiritually through practices like study, prayer, service, worship, discipleship, generosity, missions, thanksgiving, and more!

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