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We all need courage to live the abundant life God intended for us! We also need the hope and healing that God’s Word brings into our lives. To support your emotional health and spiritual growth, Courage For Life publishes a weekly blog so you can embrace your God-given courage for life. Bookmark this page, check back weekly for new posts, and follow Courage For Life on Instagram @GodGivesCourage.

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10 Attributes of God’s Love

What is love? How would you describe it? From the beginning of time, human beings have tried to explain the...

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Why is Jesus’ resurrection important to Christianity?

Christianity is based on the event of Jesus’ resurrection. Without Jesus’ resurrection, there is no Christianity. The apostle Paul told...

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Simon Peter: A Life Transformed

At times he deeply regretted his lack of self-control. A fisherman by trade, Simon Peter worked long hours alongside his...

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Don’t Go Through the Motions: Embrace Life to the Fullest

Are you tired – either physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or relationally? Are you just going through the motions of life...

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Living Out the Richness of the Gospel

In his letter to the Colossian Christians, Paul addresses some false teachings that were being promoted in the church. It...

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Encouragement Prayers to Respond to Opposition

Having expectations of comfort, pleasure, happiness, and fun is one way to pursue life, but often these unrealistic and unsustainable...

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Certainty of Jesus’ Love for You

Life has probably made you realize that having a relationship with God through faith in Jesus does not remove you...

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Live Courageously

What do you fear more? Spiders or Snakes? Heights or Tight Spaces? Being alone in the dark or talking in...

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Remembrance: How can this practice help you?

The word “remembrance” may generate a variety of images in your mind, ranging from positive and encouraging to negative and...

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Obstacles to Experiencing God’s Rest

What obstacles hinder you from consistently experiencing God’s rest in your life? You may immediately think about work obligations, family...

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An Invitation to Rest

Are you in need of genuine rest? Not a midday nap or extra sleep at night, but genuine rest for...

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Confession Requires Humility

Confession requires humility. If you struggle with confession, most likely, pride is the reason. Pride is an enemy of humility....

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