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Receive relatable teachings tailored to all aspects of life. Gain confidence to face each day with perseverance and wisdom. Enrich your prayer life as you communicate with God each day.

Bible Studies

The Study of Daniel

Study through the Book of Daniel with Ann White! From confronting fiery trials to decoding dreams, you’ll learn timeless lessons of humility, courage, resilience, and divine intervention. Explore the historical and prophetic depth of the Book of Daniel and discover how Daniel’s example of steadfast commitment to God is worthy of following as you seek strength and hope in God’s promises. Deepen your understanding of Scripture and enrich your spiritual journey with the Study of Daniel with Ann White.

The Study of Esther

Are you seeking inspiration to navigate life’s twists and turns gracefully and resiliently? Journey with Ann White, founder of Courage For Life, through the captivating narrative of Esther, a woman of courage and conviction amidst uncertain times. Discover how her faith, wisdom, and determination can empower you to overcome adversity and fulfill God’s purpose with unwavering confidence. Let Esther’s journey be your guide as you face life’s challenges with boldness and purpose.

The Study of Philippians

Are you facing daunting challenges, feeling overwhelmed, or searching for strength in the midst of life’s trials? Join Ann White, founder of Courage For Life, on a journey through one of the Bible’s most uplifting books – Philippians. Learn how to equip yourself with the tools to courageously face each day with unwavering confidence, no matter your circumstances.

The Study of John

Are you ready to discover who Jesus is? John was an eyewitness to the life, death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Study of John, Ann White shares easy to understand Bible study tips that will help you apply God’s Word to your life. Your faith will grow strong as you explore who Jesus is and how His life can reconcile yours to God.

Other Studies

Courage For Life Book Study

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life and barely keeping your head above water? Don’t despair! You’re just one choice away from correcting the trajectory of your life. Join Ann White in this 12-week book study using the Courage For Life Book and Study Guide. Find out how to act more than react while finding joy in the journey of healthy choices.

She is Strong and Courageous

Do you ever wish you were stronger in your faith? Courage is something most of us want. It’s an attribute that helps us venture outside our comfort zone to embrace opportunities and explore possibilities beyond the normal sphere of who we are. It’s the faith booster we need to make healthy decisions that move us toward the God-given dreams for our lives and our relationships. This study is a gift from Courage For Life, an excerpt of our longer “She is Strong and Courageous” devotional book. Get your free 30-day sample.

Walking Where Jesus Walked

Experience the sights and sounds of Jerusalem! Travel with Ann White of Courage For Life to Israel in this Holy Week devotional based on the Book of Matthew. Develop a deeper relationship with God and a new boldness in your faith as you follow the life of Jesus from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem to His death and glorious resurrection. Celebrate God’s sacrifice and His love for you in this 7-day study!

Walking Where Jesus Walked

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Courage For Life Seven Day Challenge

Need courage to make right choices in your life and relationships? In this seven-day study, Ann White with Courage For Life shares action steps to move you out of your comfort zone and into a place of freedom.

Courage For Life Seven Day Challenge

7 Videos

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