About us

What We Do

God offers everyone a full and satisfying life, but not everyone embraces it. We’ve found that many struggle with difficult life experiences, which create obstacles to meaningful relationships. It takes courage to identify and overcome these obstacles, pursue healing, and embrace life fully.

Courage For Life seeks to foster emotional health and spiritual growth for incarcerated individuals, those who have experienced trauma, abuse, and addiction, and anyone who desires to grow in their relationship with God.

digital discipleship

Designed for Growth

Our Digital Discipleship programs offer many resources to support your emotional health and spiritual growth. From engaging blogs to thoughtfully crafted devotions, our content is rooted in biblical principles designed to inspire, strengthen, and renew your faith. Join our uplifting online community for live teachings and discipleship content, and don’t miss the transformative power of our all-female-voiced audio Bible.

prison ministry

Making a Difference

We are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with incarcerated individuals. Our Prison Ministry empowers those behind bars to live fulfilling lives through the power of the gospel. With our dedicated volunteers and strategic partnerships, we aim to provide emotional health, spiritual growth, and Bible study resources to bring hope, redemption, and a brighter future.