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Celebrating Eight Years of Courage For Life Ministry

July 26, 2022

Today marks eight years of Courage For Life ministry!

Here are a few things we’ve accomplished over the last eight years that we’d love to celebrate with you!

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Your generosity makes ministry possible.

Because of you, incarcerated individuals in state prisons have access to print and digital emotional health and spiritual growth resources and training classes to support them living the abundant life God intended for them.

Your gifts go beyond the prison walls.

We collaborate with others non-profits to provide resources and training to impact the lives of those who have trauma, abuse, addiction, or dysfunction in their past or present lives. We also seek to serve anyone who desires to grow in their relationship with God.

Recurring monthly donations make an immediate and lasting impact.

Join our community of monthly givers through a recurring monthly gift. Every gift, one-time or recurring, helps move our mission forward.

Thank you for your generosity and support of Courage For Life.

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