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Nine Places to Prayer Walk

October 24, 2022

When Christians pray, their time is an investment into the eternal. Prayer walking is a technique to incorporate more prayer into our lives. We pray as we walk in a chosen location. It is a practical way to intercede for others. As we walk with our eyes open, the Holy Spirit may speak to our hearts through what we see with our physical eyes and give us a glimpse into His invisible, eternal world.

But where can you prayer walk? And what should you pray while you are walking?

Potential Places to Prayer Walk

Below is a suggested list of places to prayer walk, along with some examples of what to pray at each location. These example prayers are a springboard to what will come to mind as you walk with God. You can have a list of scriptures in your phone to pray or print out some liturgical prayers from your faith tradition to take with you. When you are prayer walking, maintain a low profile. Do not intentionally seek out people to talk to, but if God divinely orchestrates an encounter, be sensitive to the Spirit’s guidance. As you walk, you can pray that you have the heart of God, the mind of Christ, and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Your home

As you walk through each room in your home, pray it is filled with God’s presence, love, and grace. Pray blessings over your loved ones (those you live with and those you do not); for example, Numbers 6:24-26.

Your workspace or place of business

Pray you reflect Christ to your coworkers and/or clients. Thank your Heavenly Father for the income provided, and commit your workday to Him. Ask that He guides your mind and hands as you work.

Your neighborhood

As you walk through your neighborhood, pray for the peace of Christ to fill each home and for each person to know their Creator personally. If you know of specific needs or situations, pray for those.

Your child’s school

Pray for God’s protection to surround your children, classmates, and teachers. Pray their education molds their character into the person God wants them to be. May their minds comprehend what they are learning.

Your church

Times of possible prayer walking include in the sanctuary before a worship service or through empty classrooms before they fill up with children and adults. Pray for your church to be the light of Jesus Christ to the community. May the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill each life and that the people teach and counsel each other with the wisdom Jesus gives. (See Colossians 3:16)

Government buildings

Pray for governmental officials to have true knowledge and make decisions through the wisdom of God. May your Father in heaven bring about His Kingdom and will on earth as it is in heaven. (See Matthew 6:9-10)

Site of a tragedy

At a site where an unspeakable tragedy has occurred, sometimes you may need to stand silently in God’s presence and mourn. Pray for God’s love and grace to surround the victims and their families. For those who have been injured and/or traumatized, pray for spiritual, physical, and mental healing. Pray for justice in God’s eyes to be realized.

In nature

Natural places of beauty inspire worship. When ambling through the woods or strolling along the beach, acknowledge God’s presence. Worship Him for His awe-inspiring handiwork in nature.

Any place the Holy Spirit stirs your heart to pray

Personally, I love to hang out in bookstores. One day as I was browsing through the aisles, I began to pray as I walked…

  • In the Romance section, I prayed silently for a young woman flipping through the pages of a book. May she know the fullness of God’s love through Jesus Christ, which is beyond the love of any human being.
  • In the Philosophy section, I prayed for a young man browsing the shelves that God would lead him to resources that reflected the Creator’s answers to philosophical questions.
  • When walking through sections that reflected deep darkness, like the occult, I prayed for those who would come to that section seeking answers. May God, Who is Light, penetrate the darkness they were embracing.

Other potential locations to prayer walk include playgrounds or parks, college campuses, an office conference room before a big meeting, a place where you lead a Bible Study, or in a venue before an important event. The possibilities for prayer walking are endless.

Prayer is an investment in the eternal world around you. And when you reach the other side of eternity, you will be amazed when you see the fruit of your prayers on behalf of God’s Kingdom.

Want to learn more about prayer walking? Check out last week’s blog, What is Prayer Walking?

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