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Responsibility- My Response to His Ability

April 20, 2018

Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. Exodus 14:13

Our culture tells us that it is our responsibility to navigate life based on our own resources – our intellect, our skills, and ability, even our appearance. As children of God, we often carry a burden we were never meant to carry. The Bible is full of stories of God’s great ability to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Therefore, our responsibility is to live life in response to His ability and character.

What if we reassessed our definition of responsibility? How would your day change, if you focused on “His ability”, and then asked yourself: what is “My response”?

Responsibility is our response to God’s ability. Our response to the opportunities that God has placed in front of us. -Joyce Meyer

Joyce shared that personal responsibility can’t be delegated or ignored. God won’t do my part and I simply can’t do His part.

God has the ability, beyond my ability to comprehend, to reveal and complete His plan for my life. But He isn’t going to make wise financial decisions for me or establish a healthy lifestyle for me. He isn’t going to make healthy lifestyle choices for me or make fiscally responsible decisions for me – that is my responsibility.

I play a critical and important role in all of the dreams He has placed in my heart. Many people have big dreams but when they realize the work and personal sacrifice it takes to reach them, they lose hope and abandon the promise of God in their lives.

What about Moses? There was nothing easy about what God was calling him to do. God called him to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. God was going to do his part and Moses had to do his. Moses had to leave Midian (his comfort zone, his life, and everything he built) and go back to Egypt (Exodus 4:19). He had to face Pharaoh and demand Pharaoh to let his people go. Moses and Aaron had to strike the staff to turn it into a snake, strike the staff to turn the water in the Nile river to blood. Moses had to be obedient to God.

Moses and Aaron did their part but only God could perform the miracles of the plagues. Only God could bring the frogs, boils, locusts, hail, the gnats, darkness, death (Exodus 7-11). Only God could part the Red Sea for the Israelites.  (Exodus 14:21-29).  Imagine how different this story would have turned out if Moses allowed thoughts of doubt about God’s ability to rule his actions? Saying to himself, “God won’t do the impossible for me. Life and circumstances will never change no matter what I do. God can’t possibly have a solution for this massive problem”.

The history and legacy of Israel would have been forever changed if Moses didn’t respond, in faith and obedience to God’s ability.

We all have big dreams. Some may be simple, like a financial stability or a happy family; but, these dreams mean responding. God has the ability to make them happen, but we have to respond by doing something. We must make choices every day that lead us closer to the dream becoming a reality. I may not be able to control the current circumstance or people involved, BUT I can control my actions. I can take responsibility.

What dream has God placed in your heart? What are things that only God can do that you can’t? What is your response to His ability?

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