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Unlock Your Courage Within

April 3, 2024

Many of us go through life pretending everything is perfect. Driven by fear, we hide behind a facade of confidence while secretly wrestling with self-doubt, anxiety, and isolation. But we don’t have to live this way.

Courage For Today

In the latest devotional from Courage For Life founder and CEO, Ann White, Courage For Today guides you on a 365-day journey exploring the challenges, choices, and perseverance of inspiring men and women from the Bible who overcame fear and stood firm in their faith. Draw insight and encouragement from their stories, knowing God stands beside you, too, eagerly waiting for you to take hold of his guiding hand.

Learn to:

  • grow in self-confidence,
  • incorporate God’s Word into everyday life,
  • live with purpose and intention,
  • lean on God for hope and guidance, and
  • develop a spirit of boldness.

God has given you all the courage you need to step into the authentic, abundant life he created for you. Rise each day inspired and empowered to overcome any obstacle and walk confidently in your faith. Order now! 

Courage For Every Day

Courage For Life has partnered with YouVersion to offer a seven-day devotional featuring content from Courage For Today handpicked by Ann White. This reading plan is designed to uplift and empower you in your walk with God. Dive in and let Scripture become a meaningful part of your daily life. Explore our new YouVersion plan now!

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Many of us go through life pretending everything is perfect. Driven by fear, we hide behind a facade of confidence...

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